Agrifood: Boost the Efficiency of your Process Water Treatment

With its PLUSPAC range, Feralco offers specially tailored solutions for the agrifood industry. We adapt the product components to match the specific features and designs of your equipment.

Faster sedimentation properties and optimised turbidity removal help you to keep your use of freshwater to a minimum. Feralco PLUSPAC products increase the performance of your food washing equipment while reducing the amount you need to spend on fresh and wastewater.

The Feralco PLUSPAC range…

  • increases the performance of your equipment
  • saves time and energy
  • keeps freshwater consumption to a minimum
  • is good for the environment
  • guarantees that food is kosher and halal
  • features customised products
  • includes first-rate service
  • represents excellent quality, “Made in Germany”


A case study from the agrifood industry demonstrates the efficiency of our PLUSPAC products.

The objective was to reduce the amount of precipitants and flocculants required for the carrot and potato washing processes, and in addition to produce an optimal, easily sedimented floc structure and low turbidity levels in the circuit water.

In both cases, the sedimentation behaviour of the previously used products was tested in a laboratory as a benchmark against products from the PLUSPAC range. Samples were taken from the circuit water prior to the treatment chemicals being added.

The products were added to the wastewater with the exact same mix times and speeds. The results and recommendations for the respective case studies are documented below.



Case Study: Sedimentation of Waste Water in Vegetable Washing

Initial situation of Waste Water Process

The process water treatment system prepares water for rinsing and washing the vegetables with a volume flow of up to 23 m³/h. First, a precipitant and polymer flocculant are added to the process water in a static mixer. The water is then treated with lamella clarifier.

Results of the Process Water Comparison

The laboratory tests showed that the PLUSPAC FD 1465 product combined with a polymer granulate yielded the best performance. It created a rough, easily sedimented floc structure. Good turbidity values and rapid sedimentation behaviour were achieved even when the dosage was reduced by between 10% and 15%.



Results of Sedimentation Case Study

Feralco developed a tailor-made solution based on these tests. The solution combined the modified PAC PLUSPAC FD 1465 with the FERAFLOC S 2400 flocculant. This combination achieved rough, shear-stable flocculate with very high dewatering characteristics, even in the case of low dosages. The quality of the flocculate also has a positive impact on the effluent quality, even in the case of increased hydraulic loads.



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