Using aluminium sulphate to prepare drinking water

For safe use across the world. Feralco’s aluminium sulphate export products come with excellent “Made in Germany” quality and personal service across all borders. The aluminium sulphate from Feralco has a higher aluminium content than many other products – so you can significantly reduce water treatment costs with our product.

Drinking water in Africa: a scarcity and a surplus

Africa has more above-ground, non-frozen water than any other continent. In other words, there is actually plenty of water available for the population. This surplus of water is found in rivers like the Congo, Niger and Nile, and in the almost 700 lakes across the continent. Unfortunately, despite this impressive volume of water, the population is unable to access clean drinking water, as germs and pathogens contaminate the vital life elixir. Inhabitants of rural regions often need to walk several kilometres to access clean water.

Feralco export – aluminium sulphate for clean drinking water

With its pure “Made in Germany” aluminium sulphate, Feralco supports the preparation of drinking water in large parts of West Africa, including Algeria, Kenya, Niger and Ethiopia.

Over the past ten years…

… Feralco has supplied approx. 95,000 megatons of aluminium sulphate to Africa

… approx. 90,000 megatons have been used for drinking water

… approx. 900,000,000,000 litres of water have been treated

… around 100 million people have been given access to clean water

Feralco aluminium sulphate – your benefits at a glance

Feralco Deutschland GmbH produces “Made in Germany” aluminium sulphate in the best available quality and offers an outstanding price-performance ratio. The constantly high aluminium content of 17/18% allows for a lower dosage and thus massively cuts costs compared with other products.

Feralco’s aluminium sulphate products

… meet the highest “Made in Germany” product quality – in line with German regulations and European standards

… cut costs thanks to the lower dosage due to the 17/18% aluminium content

… contain only pure raw materials from accredited suppliers

… are tested in accredited laboratories to ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations

… meet the European drinking water norm DIN EN 878

… fulfil the purity specifications DIN EN 881 and DIN EN 883

… are available in a range of different grains and packaging sizes

Furthermore, you benefit from our first-rate global service and our many years of experience in the field of exports:

  • reliable and long-term logistics partner
  • the best quality packaging from accredited suppliers
  • export handling via the nearby ports of Hamburg, Bremen and Bremerhaven
  • ongoing staff training concerning securing cargo
  • reliable provision of all required export documentation
  • customer support in German/English/French
  • consistently good quality
  • adherence to agreed deadlines
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