The FeralContainer 

Simple and cost-effective phosphate precipitation

Many smaller wastewater treatment plants have already been or are soon to be affected by tougher limit values regarding the addition of phosphate.

Under the European Union’s Water Framework Directive (WFD), neither the condition of a body of water nor individual quality parameters must worsen as a result of human activity. Decisive factors in this include the size of the wastewater treatment facility and the impact that the effluent has on the ecology of the receiving water.

This means that chemical phosphate precipitation is now also relevant for smaller wastewater treatment facilities for places with more than 1,000 inhabitants, especially where they discharge into sensitive receiving water. Section 57 of the WFD requires a state-of-the-art procedure for phosphate precipitation.

In addition to the existing limit values for carbon and nitrogen, operators of small water treatment facilities are now also faced with the challenge of adhering to limit values for phosphate in the effluent from the treatment plant. Unfortunately, dosing and storing the phosphate precipitant in a legally compliant way involves additional work and increased costs.

The FeralContainer – the simple solution  

The FeralContainer provides smaller water treatment plants with a holistic solution for the storage and dosage of precipitants. It is both cost-effective and complies with the Water Framework Directive. In addition, Feralco offers a wide range of high-quality iron and aluminium-based precipitants, which are perfectly adapted to suit the conditions of the plant in question. Recommended products include: FERRASAL, FERRAPLUS, FERRACLAR, FDPAC 18 and iron (III) chloride.

The robust ten-foot ISO container is easy to install and represents the latest state of technology in community and industrial wastewater treatment plants. It can hold up to two IBC bulk containers, features a WFD-compliant catch basin and includes the required dosing and control technology.

Benefits at a glance 

  • Safe adherence to stricter discharge limit values for phosphate
  • Improved structure of the activated sludge, the stringiness and the settling behaviour through the use of suitable precipitants
  • Improved ecology of the receiving water
  • Easy to plan and low cost; tax deductible in some countries
  • Keeps additional work for plant personnel to a minimum
  • Easy to incorporate into existing plants
  • Only a small amount of space required
  • WFD-compliant storage of precipitant (iron or aluminium products)
  • Weather-resistant integrated dosage technology
  • Commissioning and on-going support from Feralco

Feralco – a strong partner for the water and wastewater industries 

The Feralco Group is a reputable manufacturer of powerful process chemicals and has been supporting the wastewater industry for over 20 years through individual analyses and consultancy services, as well as wastewater purification products. As one of the largest producers of precipitants in Europe, Feralco stands as a reliable and expert supplier to many community and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Through collaborations with our customers, Feralco’s technicians are able to create customised concepts for safe and economical compliance with the phosphate limit values, designed to suit the specific plant in question.


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