Visit us at IFAT 2024 and discover the benefits of our high-performance product NICASAL®.

NICASAL® is a flocculant that has been specially developed for water circuits. NICASAL® achieves significantly better results than comparable flocculants (aluminium sulphate, polyaluminium chloride, ferric chloride):

Your benefits from using NICASAL®:

  •  Very fast reaction speed 
  •  Stable and compact flocs
  •  Excellent turbidity and COD reduction –> Water cycle becomes cleaner
  •  No chloride input –> Lower conductivity + no corrosion
  •  Lower salt loads –> Better effect of other additives + process stability 
  •  No odour problems due to hydrogen sulphide or other digestion processes 
  •  Fewer or no biocides required
  •  Reduction in water consumption –> Sustainability + cost savings
  •  Reuse of recycled water –> Conservation of resources 
  •  Cost savings thanks to the sum of all technical advantages 

Visit us at IFAT 2024 in Munich. You can find us at the joint booth of DWA · Hall B2 · Booth 127/226. Feel free to sign up for a consultation with me or my colleagues.

Kind regards, and see you soon,
Dr. Arne Hörsken
Product Manager, Quality Control, R&D, Product Safety and Marketing

Mobil: +49 (0) 172 75 72 400


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