Modern combined fixing agent for the paper industry

With its combined fixing agent, Feralco offers a modern solution for the paper industry: together FERAFLOC and PLUSPAC reduce the number of faults in the paper by up to five times when compared with conventional chemicals!

Feralco’s PLUSPAC and FERAFLOC ranges deliver specially tailored solutions for the paper industry. We adapt the product components to match the specific features and designs of your equipment.

The benefits of Feralco’s fixing agent:

  • reduces the number of faults by up to 5 times per tambour
  • long-term product stability of over one year
  • increases the impact of fillers and the retention rate
  • prevents agglomeration at the wet end
  • prevents holes from forming in the paper web
  • improves the performance of the paper machine
  • increases the service life of felts and other surfaces
  • improves the rotation speed
  • keeps the process water cleaner for longer, reducing the amount of clean water required

Fixing agent for impurities

Impurities are an unfortunate by-product of the paper trade – caused by the incorporation of old paper into the production process. Over the course of the process, so-called agglomerates form, which then cause holes and tears in the paper web. This leads to production downtimes, as well as long and expensive set-up times for the machines.

Special chemicals can, however, be used to prevent these downtimes in production – they are an essential factor when it comes to reducing costs in the manufacturing process. By combining FERAFLOC and PLUSPAC, Feralco has developed a modern solution for the paper industry, which not just massively reduces tambour downtimes but also offers twice the long-term stability of other products, lasting over a year.

How does the fixing agent with PLUSPAC and FERAFLOC differ from other products?

Standard fixing processes filter out either micro or macro particles. By contrast, this modern fixing agent combats all particle sizes. PLUSPAC increases the size of fine particles, so that they can be affixed to the fibre with the help of FERAFLOC.

The products used in the impurity fixing agent:


  • liquid product, very easy to dose in white water, thin and thick stock (0.1% to 1%)
  • high polymerisation rate due to the high basicity (related to charge quantity)
  • very high cationic charge quantity (1750 µeq/g)
  • minimal reduction to the pH value due to the automatic buffer effect
  • effective across a broad range of pH values
  • very high product stability of over a year
  • made in Germany

FERAFLOC (anionic trash catcher)

  • liquid product, very easy to dose in thin and thick stock (0.01% to 0.1%)
  • cationic polymers with high charge density and high fixation effect on impurity particles (>100 µm)
  • with diallyldimethylammonium chloride (dadmac)
  • with polyamine
  • solids content of 30% to 50%
  • also suitable for flocculation
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